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Green Future

Engine downsizing refers to an engine with a turbocharger installed. As a worldwide concern for energy and economic crisis rises, the low-carbon emissions and fuel efficiency regulations are being strengthened. Due to these circumstances, on-going development for vehicle engine is taking place.

Fuel efficiency, exhaust emissions, performance, and recycling energy

These 4 standards are currently the most important to the worldwide automobile industry. They are the reason why technology and innovation are more important than ever before. As the growing interests of world economic powers lie in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the portfolio of turbochargers here at Keyyang Precision Co., Ltd is in accordance with 100% energy efficiency, and we are ideally positioned to solve the most urgent challenges of making the Earth a cleaner and better place to live.

Diesel vehicle exhaust gas emission standard trends

Global Trend & Legislation | Emission Legislation Diesel Europe & USA

Gasoline vehicle exhaust gas emission standard trends

Many governments are considering strengthening CO2 regulations

The innovative Turbochargers from Keyyang Precision Co., Ltd support automobile and truck manufacturers to comply with strict environmental standards without compromising performance, and also provide satisfaction to both the OEM and customers. Turbochargers increase fuel efficiency by up to 40% in gasoline engines, and 20% in gasoline powertrains. It also enables downsizing of engine size and weight. The global market for turbocharger is forecast to increase in the future; especially in the North American, European, and Chinese markets. The estimated growth rate is 30% in 2012 to 36% in 2016.

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