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  • Employee welfare benefits

  • Career building programs

  • 'World Class 300' Company

  • Green Energy Company

Employee Welfare

We recognize that providing sufficient employee benefits and creating optimal work environments are the way to become a family orientated company. KYPC strives to provide a better workplace and share our joy with our customers, employees, and neighbors. We provide employee benefits and welfare which improve the work environment, employee satisfaction, and quality of life.

  • Self-Development

    • Foreign Language Classes
    • Research Conferences
    • Publishing Papers
    • Study Abroad
    • Junior Board
    • Internship and OJT
  • Quality of Life

    • Financial Aid for employees and their family
    • Family Occasions Aid
    • Employee Sports Day
  • Welfare

    • Retirement Pension Program
    • Long term employment and performance recognition system
    • Company Cafeteria
    • Company Residences
  • FUN

    • Club Activities
      (Mountain Climbing, Tennis, Bowling)
    • Community Service
    • Smoke Free Buildings
    • Employee Association

Recruitment Process

  • Application
  • Application Evaluation
  • Interview
  • Executives Interview
  • Hired

※ Recruiting positions will be posted on the website when needed.
    Please refer to the following for employment qualifications and more information.

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