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Keyyang Precision turbochargers comply with EURO-6 standards, the most stringent exhaust gas regulation.

Diesel Passenger

KYPC turbocharger is classified into two categories, WGT and VGT.

When the amount of exhaust gas exceeds the rotation limit, WG turbocharger controls the boost pressure through the wastegate valve to prevent overload. VG turbocharger precisely controls the engine operation range, which improves acceleration, output, and fuel efficiency.

  • Passenger – Diesel / WGT

    WGT (Wastegate Turbocharger)

    • Engine Size: 1.1~2.5ℓ
    • Output range: 70PS~160PS
    • Torque range: 156.8Nm~343Nm
    • Complied exhaust gas standard: EURO-5, EURO-6
    • 2ℓ engine applied vehicles
  • Passenger-Diesel / VGT

    VGT(Variable Geometry Turbocharger)

    • Engine size: 1.4~2.7ℓ
    • Output range: 100PS~200PS
    • Torque range343Nm~441Nm
    • Complied exhaust gas standard: Euro-5, Euro-6
    • 2ℓ engine applied vehicles

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