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In order to respond to high temperature gasoline exhaust gas, we use newly developed heat-resistant material. KYPC was the first manufacturer in the world to comprehensively apply the most advanced technologies and succeed in mass production of heat resis

Gasoline Passenger

High-heat resistant material and integrated turbine housings are used in gasoline engines due to its higher exhaust gas temperature than the diesel engine.

Generally the ratio of fuel and air supply of a diesel engine is a little over 1:20 and combusts under an overloaded air condition at the highest temperature of 850℃. On the other hand, the ratio of a gasoline engine is 1:14.5, which is relatively denser than a diesel engine and the exhaust temperature reaches around 1,050℃. Due to the differences in operating conditions, we developed our own material for the high exhaust temperature of a gasoline engine turbocharger, and applied Twin Scroll technology to improve turbocharger response.

  • Passenger-Gasoline / WGT

    2.0ℓ - E-WGA T/C (Electric Wastegate Turbocharger)

    • Engine size: 0.8~2.0ℓ
    • Output range: 70PS~280PS
    • Torque range: 98Nm~372.4Nm
    • Complied exhaust gas standard: EURO-6, ULEV-II
    • 2ℓ engine applied vehicles

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