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A turbocharger reuses exhaust gas to rotate the turbine and compressor wheels. The rotational energy from the turbocharger compresses the air and supplies it back to the engine, ensuring all fuel is burned before being vented. The turbocharger provides more power to the engine, maintains a high level of fuel efficiency and decreases pollution.

Types of turbocharger

Turbochargers can be categorized as Wastegate Turbocharger and Variable Geometry Turbocharger according to exhaust gas flow control

WGT (Wastegate Turbocharger)

Advantages of WGT :
  • Improved output (In comparison to N/A, Up to 40% improvement)
  • Reduced fuel consumption per unit output
  • Reduced exhaust gas

WGT limits exhaust gas inflow to less than its maximum capacity to prevent overload in advance. Because this technology provides an engine with high durability and economic efficiency, it remains a market leading product in the current market. The pressure of the exhaust gas dramatically increases at high speed, and may cause damage to the turbocharger. WGT by-passes overloaded exhaust gas to prevent this potential problem..

VGT(Variable Geometry Turbocharger)

Advantages of VGT
  • Improved engine performance (Maximum output/torque)
  • Improved response
  • Reduced fuel consumption per unit output

In VGT, the variable nozzle is applied in the turbine and regulates the turbocharger in regard to exhaust gas flow rate. This results in improved performance at low speed and reduced turbo lag.

Turbo lag : the time required to change power from acceleration in response to the turbocharger.

  • At Low-Speed
    Maximize speed energy due to a decrease in the exhaust gas pathway, improve torque by 5~15%
  • At High-Speed
    Maximize exhaust gas flow due to an increase in exhaust gas pathway, improve output by 10~15%

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