Company Value Systems

Value Systems

Environmental Management

KYPC specializes in manufacturing turbochargers which improve fuel efficiency, boost power to an engine, and reduce pollution. We recognize the needs for minimizing pollution and saving energy throughout the lifespan of our products. We have established and hereby announce the following environmental policies to develop eco-friendly technology and to implement environmentally sound management.

  • Maintain for Green influence
  • Regular Monitoring
  • Compliance with Requirements
  • Outcomes Management
  • Documentation& Communication
  • Green Management Acitvities Release
  • 1

    Maintain our activities, products, and services suitable for green influence.

  • 2

    Establish sustainable green management and monitor our activities regularly.

  • 3

    Strictly comply with environment-related regulations and requirements.

  • 4

    Build strategic plans for green management and supervise all performances.

  • 5

    Document green management activities and share it with all members of the company.

  • 6

    Improve the transparency of our environmental management by publicizing our green policies and other related information.

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