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KYPC CEO appointed as a member of the medium enterprise growth support…
Writer KYPC Date 15-06-10 00:00
KYPC CEO appointed as a member of the medium enterprise growth support committee


On June 10, it announced that CEO of Keyyang Precision Co., Ltd. was appointed as a member of the medium enterprise growth support committee.

In the Ministerial Meeting of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the First Medium-Term Business Growth Promotion Basic Plan (2015 ~ 2019) was proposed, and the government will regularly operate the Medium-Sized Business Growth Support Council to find ways to promote growth. The basic plan is to nurture 5,000 midsize companies and 100 Korean hidden champions by 2019, aiming at 1.55 million jobs and $ 97 billion in exports.

In particular, it includes various customized support projects such as mitigating the growth burden of midsize companies through legal reform, supporting mid-sized candidate companies with high growth potential, and promoting global specialization of midsize companies.

In order to do this without interruption, the Small & Medium Business Administration has organized a 'Medium-sized Enterprise Growth Supporting Council' to hold its first meeting in June, and plans to implement plans for major projects to be carried out annually.

The council consists of 13 members of civilian committee including 9 representatives from midsized companies and 7 members of government committee, including a total of 9 representatives from small and medium enterprises. The CEO of Keyyang Precision Co., Ltd. will be participating in the council as a civil committee member since June.

Keyyang Precision is a member company of the Medium-sized Enterprises Association and has actively worked to establish the basis of the creative economy of the Republic of Korea since it was officially launched as a legal association in July last year.

CEO Byeong-gi Jung said, "We feel a sense of responsibility as much as we represent the position of Korean mid-sized companies. We will contribute to the growth of our economy by actively supporting the growth of mid-sized companies."

The medium-sized enterprise growth support council will discuss the operation plan through the first meeting in the red room of the first floor of the Korea Venture Investment (KVIC) on June 19, and plans for the regulation of the mid-term government regulations in 2015. [Source] KYPC

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