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KYPC expand it market to China to export environmentally friendly auto…
Writer KYPC Date 15-09-04 00:00
KYPC expand it market to China to export environmentally friendly automotive part, Turbocharger


On September, 4th Keyyang Precision Co., Ltd. (KYPC), a turbocharger, automotive part, manufacture signed a MOU with one of Chinese famous automobile manufacturing companies in order to build strong platform in export to the Chinese market.

A turbocharger is an eco-friendly engine part which rotates the turbine and compressor wheels by reusing exhaust gas. The turbocharger provides more power to the engine, maintains a high level of fuel efficiency and decreases pollution compared to natural system.

KYPC established a local manufacturing plant in China recently and forecast to generate 80 billion won and more than 20 million units annual sales.

Byung Kee Chung, the CEO of KYPC, said "The president's visit in this Korea-China Economic Delegation will encourage relationship between the two countries especially in emerging automotive industry." Also, he said that he will cooperate with local companies as well as other international corporations based on high level of technologies of Korean mid-sized corporations.

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